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Southland Anniversary Day

Southland Anniversary Day 2020, 2021 and 2022

In Southland Region, the most southerly of all New Zealand’s regions, Southland Anniversary Day is a public holiday and off-work day that comes on the Tuesday after Easter.

202014 AprTueSouthland Anniversary Day
20216 AprTueSouthland Anniversary Day
202219 AprTueSouthland Anniversary Day

The date was chosen to approximate the 1 April date in 1861 when the Province of Southland was formally separated from the Province of Otago. Thus, it looks back to a “provincial birthday” rather than to a founding or settling date as such.

“Easter Tuesday” was chosen because it creates a five-day weekend running from the Saturday before Easter through Easter Monday and up to Tuesday. Southland Anniversary Day has only been observed, however, since 2011.

Like in other regions of New Zealand, there are fairs, historically and culturally educational events, food stalls, concerts, and a host of activities in various towns within the region for Southland’s Anniversary Day.