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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2023, 2024 and 2025

Mother’s Day in New Zealand is celebrated every second Sunday in May. Though not an official public holiday, this special day is widely observed by much of the country’s population.

202314 MaySunMother's Day
202412 MaySunMother's Day
202511 MaySunMother's Day
202610 MaySunMother's Day
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New Zealand borrowed Mother’s Day, as well as the date of second Sunday in May, from the United States where Mother’s Day first became popular a century ago. Most traditions are still pretty similar in New Zealand to those of the holiday’s birthplace.

It’s common to buy your mother a gift, give her a greeting card, whether store bought or handmade, give her flowers, and take her out for dinner or make a nice meal at home.

More recent traditions and trends include doing all the house chores for Mum so she can just relax and put her feet up and treating her to a luxury spa or salon pampering session. While the particular gifts and expressions of love change, Mother’s Day remains basically the same: a day to thank your Mum for all she is to you.

Previous Years

20228 MaySunMother's Day
20219 MaySunMother's Day
202010 MaySunMother's Day
201912 MaySunMother's Day
201813 MaySunMother's Day