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Marlborough Anniversary Day

Marlborough Anniversary Day 2022, 2023 and 2024

The Marlborough region of New Zealand has its founding day, called “Marlborough Anniversary Day”, on the first Monday following Labour Day. You can therefore expect Marlborough Anniversary Day to arrive sometime in late October or early November each year.

202231 OctMonMarlborough Anniversary Day
202330 OctMonMarlborough Anniversary Day
20244 NovMonMarlborough Anniversary Day
20253 NovMonMarlborough Anniversary Day
20262 NovMonMarlborough Anniversary Day
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In 1859, the Marlborough region became its own province, separating from the province just to the west that was dominated by the city of Nelson. In 1876, the provincial system was abolished, but the former provinces still hold their “regional” founding day celebrations each year.

To celebrate Marlborough Anniversary Day, you can expect a few fairs, cultural exhibits, and other low-key events. It’s mostly an off-work day for the locals. But its also a great chance to get out and explore the region’s natural beauty.

Taking a ride on the Picton-Wellington Ferry, wandering downtown historic Blenheim, exploring the beautiful, intricate ins and outs of Marlborough Sounds, or visiting local vineyards where three-quarters of New Zealand’s wine is produced are good ideas on how to spend the day.

Some also may want to travel the Queen Charlotte Walking Track for incredible scenic views of forests and sea coast or get a panoramic look off of Pelorus Bridge over the protected Pelorus River.

Previous Years

20211 NovMonMarlborough Anniversary Day
20202 NovMonMarlborough Anniversary Day
20194 NovMonMarlborough Anniversary Day
201829 OctMonMarlborough Anniversary Day
201730 OctMonMarlborough Anniversary Day