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King's Birthday

King’s Birthday 2025 and 2026

The King’s Birthday is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in June, making for a much-looked-forward-to June long weekend.

20252 JunMonKing's Birthday
20261 JunMonKing's Birthday
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The birthday of King Charles III is actually on 14 November (1948) but it is celebrated on various dates across the commonwealth to fit with each country’s spread of public holidays. New Zealand is one of the six largest of sixteen Commonwealth Realms within the Commonwealth of Nations, which was formerly known as the British Commonwealth.

One of the official activities of this public holiday is the release of the King’s Birthday Honours’ List where the Sovereign makes appointments to the Order of New Zealand, which includes Orders, Orders of Merit, Dames, Knights, Companions, Officers and more. These appointments are nearly always based on a person’s services to the community or the nation.

The other special event of this public holiday is that it heralds the official opening of the ski season in New Zealand, something the country is famous for. The ski fields are popular because of their spectacular terrains, amazing scenery, varied snow trails and admired resorts.

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