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Hawkes' Bay Anniversary Day

Hawkes’ Bay Anniversary Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

The area around Hawkes’ Bay on the eastern coast of New Zealand’s North Island was formerly Hawkes’ Bay Province, but the original provincial system was abolished in 1876. Nonetheless, the people in the region of the former province celebrate Hawkes’ Bay Anniversary Day as a public holiday each year.

202425 OctFriHawkes' Bay Anniversary Day
202524 OctFriHawkes' Bay Anniversary Day
202623 OctFriHawkes' Bay Anniversary Day
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Hawkes’ Bay Anniversary Day commemorates the founding of Hawkes’ Bay Province on 1 November, 1858, when the area was split off from Auckland Province. However, the date of this regional public holiday (and off-work day) has been moved to the Friday immediately before Labour Day. As Labour Day falls on the fourth Monday in October, Hawkes’ Bay Anniversary Day always comes in mid to late October.

The main event of Hawkes’ Bay Anniversary Day is the Royal Agricultural Show in Hastings, hosted by the Hawkes’ Bay A & P Society. The anniversary day lands on the last day of the show. The show itself features competitions for the best sheep, horses, alpacas, and other livestock. Fairs, food stalls, games, and more may also be held.

Previous Years

202320 OctFriHawkes' Bay Anniversary Day
202221 OctFriHawkes' Bay Anniversary Day