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Father’s Day

Father’s Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Father’s Day in New Zealand comes on the first Sunday of September, which differs from the June date of Father’s Day in many other countries. Father’s Day is not a public holiday, but it is widely observed by much of New Zealand’s population.

20241 SepSunFather's Day
20257 SepSunFather's Day
20266 SepSunFather's Day
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Father’s Day is traditionally a special time to recognise the unique and important role fathers fill in society, families, and individual lives. There’s not really much distinctive about Father’s Day in New Zealand compared to other countries. It’s a day to spend time with Dad, shout him a meal, and give him a card or gift.

Father’s Day was first celebrated in the US in the early twentieth century. Over the next decades it grew in popularity across the country and was exported across the world.

Then as now, the holiday provided a special opportunity to honour fathers, while also providing a lucrative new marketing and spending season for shops and restaurants.

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20233 SepSunFather's Day
20224 SepSunFather's Day
20215 SepSunFather's Day
20206 SepSunFather's Day
20191 SepSunFather's Day
20182 SepSunFather's Day